Here’s how i fix your hacked WordPress website

Step 1 – I first make a complete backup of your website

  • To ensure that no important data can be lost
  • For later research & evidence gathering

Step 2 – I look at the impact the hack has on your website

  • How does the website rank in the Google index
  • Is the website on certain block lists of antivirus software
  • Are there any strange texts or links on your website (phising/malware)
  • Links your website through an unknown website (phising/malware)

Step 3 – I look at your website globally

  • What does your website look like
  • What plugins do you use
  • What themen do you use
  • What is the status of the updates
  • What about user accounts

Step 4 – I remove malicious code and users from the website

  • I remove user accounts that belong to hackers/hackbots
  • I remove malware, or hacked files and backdoors
  • I check the database and take out the backdoors and Javascripts

Step 5 – I update the website

  • Update free and premium plugins, the theme and WordPress

Step 6 – I secure the website

  • The website is secured at 80+ points so that another hack is not likely to happen again

Step 7 – I connect the website to a monitoring tool

  • This checks the uptime
  • The web reputation
  • The website speed
  • Safety use of plug-ins
  • And more…

Step 8 – I request de-listings and reputation checks

  • With various services, I request re-checks so that they start displaying the website as safe again

Step 9 – Post-checks

  • I do daily checks of web reputation
  • I check the status of the website in Google
  • I check that the hacks and hackers stay away
  • I make any necessary adjustments to achieve the desired result

Je gehackte WordPress website nu laten herstellen