Is your new WordPress website also protected from hackers?

Is your new WordPress website also protected from hackers?
datum-geschreven 30 Jan 2024

It can be really frustrating to find out that your newly created WordPress website may not be properly secured, despite having it developed by a professional web agency. However, it’s essential to understand that WordPress websites are one of the most targeted platforms for hacking due to their popularity and the use of third-party plugins with potential vulnerabilities.

The fact is, many programmers and website developers may lack the in-depth knowledge needed to secure WordPress correctly. Even after 10 years of developing WordPress websites, I continue to learn about the various hacking methods and scripts circulating from server to server.

The main reason WordPress is vulnerable is because of the numerous plugins and themes developed by individuals with less expertise in security. As an open-source platform, WordPress frequently releases security updates, but plugins developed by individuals who are solely interested in making money without updating their plugins when hacked contribute to WordPress’s instability.

To check if your WordPress website is secure, you can follow some basic steps:

  1. Check the link in the navigation bar of your admin panel. If it still shows, it’s a well-known address for hackers and poses a risk.
  2. Is your login username “admin”? This is another common default username used by hackers for their attempts.
  3. Are you running an outdated version of WordPress?
  4. Does your website have more than 10 plugins? Each additional plugin can potentially introduce a security vulnerability.
  5. Is there no security plugin installed? Lack of security plugins increases your risk.

However, this is just a simple way to assess your website’s security. There are more in-depth methods to ensure proper protection.

If your website gets hacked, even if it’s a simple non-commercial site, it can still be infected with scripts that spread to other websites, causing your hosting provider to take your website offline to prevent further contamination. This can be problematic and costly to restore your website and remove all the backdoors and hacked files.

To secure your WordPress website effectively, you can read various articles on WordPress security, including those covering plugin vulnerabilities, avoiding illegal plugins and themes, and dealing with spam issues.

At WPbeveiligen, we provide security services for both new and existing websites, and we have extensive experience with themes and plugins. Our security packages offer a range of protections, including preventing injections, securing files, ensuring backups, updating plugins, and safeguarding against brute-force attacks and other malicious activities.

By securing your WordPress website, you can protect it from potential threats and maintain a safe online presence.

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