Is my premium plugin safe?

Is my premium plugin safe?
datum-geschreven 30 Nov 2023

A brief explanation about premium plugins

Premium plugins require a one-time or annual payment. With the cost involved, one might expect these plugins to be more secure.

However, it all depends on the mindset of the plugin’s developer. Some invest significant effort in securing the plugin, while others focus solely on development to maximize profits.

Therefore, a premium plugin is not necessarily safer than a free-to-download plugin.

One disadvantage of premium plugins is that hackers dedicate more time to finding vulnerabilities in such plugins. They know that websites using paid plugins are often business websites or other important websites, as they have been invested in.

Hackers’ goal is not to take down the website but rather to send spam or place advertisements (link building and traffic) using the domain.

Important tips when using premium plugins

  • Purchase them legally; downloading illegal versions for free often includes hacks and backdoors for hackers.
  • Regularly update the plugin to the latest version.
  • Ensure that updates and licenses do not expire after one year if it restricts your ability to update the plugin.


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