How do you stop hackers?

How do you stop hackers?
datum-geschreven 17 Sep 2023

To stop hackers, you need to know what they do, where they log in, when they log in, and which files they modify.

If you know what hackers do, you can revert their modifications, remove backdoors, and delete their accounts.

Know what hackers do

You can get a clear overview of all events with the WPB Antivirus plugin.
This is a comprehensive antivirus plugin for WordPress that records everything that happens on your website!

An explanation of the log

Here, I will explain from left to right what you see and what you can do with that information to stop hackers.

  1. First, you see what happened. This includes logins, text modifications, file modifications.
    If you’re aware of what’s happening on your website in a timely manner, you can stop hackers in the early stages.
  2. Then you see the timestamp. This allows you to determine if the modifications occur at times when you weren’t logged in.
  3. The date is self-explanatory.
  4. The IP address. You can click on it to directly go to a GEO website that shows you where that person is located. Russia, China, America… you can quickly tell if they are hackers. Hackers often use a proxy (a fake location).
    You can block the IP address so they can’t access your website anymore. (Security » Ban Users in the plugin).
  5. If it’s a user with a registered account, you see the name, so you know who did what. (Or which account was hacked)
    Change the password in that case.
  6. In the example, it’s empty, but that’s where the requested URL is displayed. Sometimes you see files and pages that you didn’t even know existed!! (You can remove backdoors and unwanted files using an FTP program)
  7. This is also empty in the example, but here you see the destination location where a hacker ends up through their backdoor or page.
  8. The details provide even more information if available.
  9. Finally, on a scale of 1 to 10, you see the impact of an action.

Stopping a hacker

Hackers and the scripts they write can be extremely fast and sophisticated.
We are actively involved in restoring and securing hacked WordPress websites every day.

That’s why we offer subscriptions where we restore and secure your website. With updates & guarantees!!

This way, you pay a fixed monthly amount and never face surprises.

Want to proactively secure your WordPress website with a guarantee? Click here.

Is your WordPress website already hacked? Don’t panic, we will restore your website and stop the hacker(s). Click here.

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