Google Adwords and Malware

Google Adwords and Malware
datum-geschreven 13 Oct 2023

Google AdWords has a strict policy against malware. If your website contains malware, your AdWords campaign will be suspended until the malware is removed!

What is Malware?

Malware is the collective term for Malicious Software, which results in unwanted advertisements or viruses that attempt to steal data on the web.

How does Google AdWords detect malware?

Websites are scanned daily, and in some cases, every minute for the displayed texts. The source code is scanned, and the website is tested for Trojans, phishing, and more.

Google AdWords and malware don’t mix!

Your ads will be immediately suspended, resulting in potential loss of income and customers. Malware must be avoided at all costs.

What can you do against malware, viruses, and phishing?

It is essential to secure your website properly. Automated scripts that attempt to place malware on your website should not be given a chance.

Your WordPress website should be secured at several key points:

  1. URL injections must be blocked
  2. File permissions on the server must be set correctly
  3. The WordPress admin panel must be hidden
  4. The server must be made inaccessible for directory browsing
  5. WordPress, plugins, and themes must be kept up to date

A good plugin that can help with this is the WPbeveiligen Antivirus.

What to do if malware is detected?

Take immediate action to make your website safe and free from malware.

Hire us to make your website free from hacks!
We will remove the malware and secure your WordPress website to prevent future incidents.

We will also ensure that your AdWords campaign is reactivated as soon as possible by following Google’s procedures or contacting Google AdWords directly.

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