Daily backups

Daily backups
datum-geschreven 29 Jun 2023

We automatically create a complete backup of your website every day, which is stored in a secure external data vault. Both the files and the database, which includes all users, pages, and news articles, are backed up to ensure that you never lose any data!

Why a daily up-to-date backup is necessary:
– When you post daily news articles
– For a WooCommerce online store with daily orders
– The web host may experience a malfunction
– Data loss can occur due to a plugin
– Data loss can result from an administrative error

Not just a single backup:
What if you accidentally deleted something last week, such as an account or an important message? Or what if you realize one month later that you lost some data? That’s why we store backups in the data vault for 90 days, which is much longer than what most web hosts offer.

The importance of control:
It happens to others that a backup is not available when it is needed!
This can be due to:
– Incorrect storage on the server
– A directory suddenly becoming non-writable
– Server storage running out
– Expiration of a license
– Misconfiguration of the backup plugin

We prevent these problems:
We receive immediate notifications if a backup fails, and we take action to ensure that backups are created daily.

We provide this comprehensive backup service as a standard feature for everyone with an ongoing security package.


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