CSS4 – When can we expect it?

datum-geschreven 14 Jul 2023

I also fell for it and looked it up, when is CSS4 coming?

It turns out that it will never come, CSS3 has mainly become “a thing” because it has been widely discussed as the new revolution in the CSS world.

CSS3 is an adaptation of CSS2, with many individual adjustments. But because they were so successful, many people talked about it as a completely renewed and improved CSS.

Some features of CSS3 were:

  1. border-radius – Finally, nice rounded corners without the need for a PNG image
  2. gradients – Color gradients without having to create images
  3. animations and transitions  – Previously, jQuery had to be used for this
  4. transforms – Easy rotation or distortion
  5. box-shadow – Add shadows to elements

Because the new CSS adjustments and innovations were significant improvements for certain problems, such as rendering on different devices, and because some cool features were added, CSS3 became a thing in itself.

CSS3 mainly brought financial benefits to programmers and website builders, as they could persuade their clients to “get on board” with the technology.

If in the future there is talk of CSS4 or CSS5, it will mainly be a term used by programmers who might give the new updates a distinct name.

Don’t expect it to be released officially!

Source: [CSS-Tricks.com](https://css-tricks.com/css4/)

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