Can your fast website get slow without security?

Can your fast website get slow without security?
datum-geschreven 14 Sep 2023

Can your fast website become slow without security?


By default, various files of your WordPress website can be accessed, which are scanned by countless hack bots and viruses.
(Xmlrpc & rest-api & server directories & readme.html & license.txt & wp-admin directory & wp-login.php… and many more…)

These hack bots visit your website and rapidly request different files, thereby slowing down your website.
They are unwanted “visitors” who also visit 10-50 pages within seconds.
Unusual and burdensome usage of your server and data!

Are we talking about 1-2 bots per day?
No, there are 50-500 bots coming in daily.

The good security measures we implement block unwanted requests after 5-10 attempts.
IP addresses are also permanently blocked in the .htaccess file.
And we ensure that the hack bots don’t find the information they’re searching for.

Complicated? Not for us!

And not for you either. Fill out the form on this page and your WordPress website will be properly secured, updated, and monitored!
Within 24 to 48 hours. Don’t wait any longer!

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