90% WordPress sites infected undetected

90% WordPress sites infected undetected
datum-geschreven 1 Oct 2023

90% of all WordPress websites are infected with malware without you knowing it.

Here are 5 reasons why WordPress sites are infected unnoticed:

  1. Malware is hidden from server security
    That’s the trick of hacking scripts – they place malware on your website that operates stealthily and goes unnoticed by the server’s security measures. One way this works is by externally loading scripts and encoding the code.
  2. Do you know what malware is, or base64 encoding? How cookies are used to display/hide the malware? Chances are you don’t know what server malware, viruses, scripts, base64 encoding, and cookies do. That’s why you can’t tell when your website is infected (unless you, like us, secure and restore websites five days a week).
  3. You don’t expect hackers to target your website
    A hacker won’t personally target your website but has written a script that tests and infects thousands of websites per hour. It’s all automated. Every website found on Google is a potential target, regardless of its size.
  4. The ad is only visible once… to you!
    The aforementioned cookies ensure that ads are shown only once or that visitors are redirected once. So, the second time you visit the website, you think everything is fine. But every new visitor still sees the ads.
  5. You trust your web administrator, your hosting provider
    Bad news: 70% of web administrators cannot completely remove malware, let alone detect it!

Pure scare tactics! Marketing!

No, unfortunately, it’s not just a strong story. The above five reasons are daily realities. There is a significant amount of internet crime because WordPress, plugins, and themes are used globally. Clever hackers who want to make money create malware in Russia or China, which works just as well here and spreads from server to server.

What you can do to prevent and detect malware

Still a bit of advertising

We manage WordPress websites for many businesses that value security. We provide preventive security, maintenance, monitoring, backups, and more! Everything to ensure that your site is free from malware or to prevent future infections.

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