10 ways to keep WordPress secure

10 ways to keep WordPress secure
datum-geschreven 16 Dec 2023

Keeping WordPress secure is crucial for web designers and website owners. WordPress, as a base, is relatively secure, and regular updates are released to address security vulnerabilities in collaboration with the WordPress community. However, additional steps are necessary to prevent hackers from exploiting any weaknesses. Here are 10 ways to keep WordPress secure:

1. Update regularly: Ensure that you update WordPress regularly, especially for security releases. Check the changelog to see what security issues are addressed in each update.

2. Use strong passwords: Avoid using weak passwords like domain names or simple numbers. Brute-force attacks often target these weak passwords.

3. One website per hosting package: Avoid hosting multiple WordPress installations on a single package, as a compromised website can easily affect others.

4. Customize your CMS: Hackers know the standard WordPress installation, so customize the admin URL and hide sensitive information.

5. Be cautious with plugins: Only install reputable plugins with positive reviews and a good number of downloads. Limit the number of plugins to minimize potential vulnerabilities.

6. Perform backups: Regularly back up your website to have a clean version in case of any issues.

7. Set file permissions correctly: Ensure that the wp-config.php and .htaccess files have the proper permissions to prevent unauthorized access.

8. Restrict server access: Configure the server to deny access to certain folders to prevent hackers from exploring potential vulnerabilities.

9. Purchase premium plugins and themes: Avoid illegal downloads, as they may contain backdoors or malicious scripts.

10. Use a security plugin: A reliable security plugin can handle many of the above tasks, such as securing server directories, logging activities, blacklisting suspicious users, checking files for hacks, and blocking suspicious requests.

Remember that preventive measures are essential in securing WordPress. Following these steps can significantly reduce the risk of a security breach. As the Dutch saying goes, “voorkomen is beter dan genezen” (prevention is better than cure).

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